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The Virtual Office: Adapting to Unpredictable Times

An almost revolutionary ferment is in the air. Significant protests have flared-up in a range of cities such as Santiago, Hong Kong, Beirut, Baghdad, Algiers, Paris, Port-au-Prince, Jakarta, San Juan, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Quito, Moscow, and Kiev.

In the words of a short piece from Gzero Media, “From the bloodied streets of Baghdad to the umbrella-filled parks of Hong Kong, from Haiti to Ukraine, and Bolivia to Zimbabwe, protesters are out in force in just about every region of the world right now.”

Clearly, circumstances in any given geographic location can change quickly.

I got to thinking about our current moment on the eve of a visit to Teleperformance’s new Innovation Experience Center (TIEC) in Silicon Valley this week (more on that in an upcoming blog). In essence, recent international developments reminded me that the largest global provider of customer management BPO services is managing a rapidly shifting world in more ways than one.

For this analyst, its particularly intriguing how TP is striving for agility through the strategic deployment of virtual offices in select geographies in the face of changing geopolitical circumstances. The company has long been known for its savvy management of an ever-expanding global presence; in this case through a virtual model that serves clients and prospects who might find it challenging to visit a certain Teleperformance location at a certain time.

Consider that on February 4, 2015, Teleperformance invited a group of analysts to the opening of its virtual office in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE). At the time, the Arab Spring of 2011 was still relatively recent, and Teleperformance was adapting to circumstances through a deft deployment of technology. With the establishment of that virtual office, TP’s Dubai-based partners have been able to access operations in Cairo through “Teleperformance Observer,” a technology solution based on a similar model Teleperformance developed some time ago to connect TP operations in Mexico with those in the United States. The real-time visual monitoring and desktop views of agents helped this analyst in Dubai get a real feel for the services being providing in Cairo. The experience was immersive.

Teleperformance’s Cairo location is part of the company’s network of “multi-lingual Euro hubs” that include operations in Maastricht, Lisbon, Athens, and Istanbul. And its virtual office concept is a creative means by which Teleperformance is deploying technology to help partners negotiate an increasingly complex international environment.

As TrendzOwl launches itself into the analyst space, we’ll be watching closely to see how an array of organizations are adapting to both the digital economy… and an ever changing world.

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