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April 17, 2024. Emerging Europe asked Stephen for his thoughts on the potential of the Moldovan tech and start-up community. See the owl's musings in the Moldova Innovation Technology Park's IT Investment Guide.

January 11, 2024. Stephen went back on the CX Files and offered some thoughts on what might await us in 2024.

October 10, 2023. Stephen joined hybrid workplace specialist Sensee for a discussion on"What is the Business Case for 100% Back to the Office"?

July 7, 2023. TrendzOwl flew to Tashkent, Uzbekistan to participate in a panel discussion at the Digital Leadership Forum, a gathering of 300 BPO and IT companies from around the world, which took place at IT Park Uzbekistan.

July 3, 2023. TrendzOwl was cited in Intelligent Sourcing Magazine on the CX Outsourcers event in Glasgow.

June 15, 2023. Nearshore Americas provided coverage of Stephen moderating a panel on "The Next Frontier of CX Delivery" at Nexus 2023.

June 6, 2023. Stephen was back on the CX Files to reflect on what went down in Glasgow the week before.

May 31, 2023.  Stephen moderated a thought leaders panel on "Future Trends in CX Working Models" at the CXO event in Glasgow, Scotland.

May 10, 2023.  TrendzOwl took to the stage in Montego Bay, Jamaica to speak  on "The Next Great Digital Channel"  (and moderate a panel) at the "Ahead of the Curve" conference.

January 17, 2023. TrendzOwl hopped a short flight from D.C. down to Ft. Lauderdale to participate in Teleperformance's "Open Doors" event for analysts and investors.

November 9, 2022. TrendzOwl took to the stage in Durban, South Africa to speak on "The Next Great Digital Channel" at the GBS Investor Conference.

October 24 , 2022. TrendzOwl participated in a panel discussion on the March, 2022, analyst visit to Kigali, Rwanda.

September 29 , 2022. On the heels of a September speaking engagement at CX Outsourcers in Las Vegas, TrendzOwl was back on the CX FIles to discuss all things Metaverse.

September 2 , 2022. In the second in a series on telecom expense management (TEM) for Intelligent Sourcing, Stephen focuses on the importance of driving operational efficiencies.

August 10, 2022. TrendzOwl swoops into AOTMP Insights to examine the advantages of working with a quality telecom expense management (TEM) partner on strategic cost optimization during corporate restructurings.

July 8, 2022. Stephen joins Vistio's podcast to discuss the future of CX and the contact center.

June 2, 2022. TrendzOwl appears in Intelligent Sourcing Magazine with a detailed examination of the telecom expense management (TEM) space post-pandemic.

February 7, 2022. Stephen provides the Foreword for the book, "Don't Fear the Gig Worker: GigCX and the Employment Reboot."

February 2, 2022. TrendzOwl pops up in MyCustomer in the discussion around "the Great Resignation."

January 25, 2022. Stephen joins the CX Pod Europe from ttec to discuss the Great Resignation (naturally he manages to weave in a reference to James Joyce toward the end).

January 6, 2022. TrendzOwl senses a future featuring countless micro-connections with brands... pattern recognition... ai... an ambient CX.

August 10, 2021. What is behind the recent M&A activity in the BPO space? The Owl landed at Nearshore Americas to point out a number of factors, with technology playing a not unimportant role.

July 16, 2021. This Special Edition of the CX Files focused on the recent violence in South Africa. What does it mean for the GBS sector, the BPO industry, and continued confidence in the country?

May 27, 2021. Stephen joined the Digital Dudes of ibex for a wide-ranging discussion on startups and investments in CX in the healthcare and fintech industries.

March 9, 2021. The Owl swooped into the Transcom podcast to discuss all things digital transformation and the CX.

December 30, 2020. An Owl was spotted back on the CX Files for a look at the key trends of 2020 and what might unfold in 2021.

December 10, 2020. We're living in a world of digital flux, and the speed of change often means that key knowledge is getting lost during the Great Transition. Read TrendzOwl's piece for AOTMP® Insights magazine.

December 1, 2020. A webinar hosted by ThinScale (a fast-growing tech company located in the Media Cube on the IADT campus in Dublin, Ireland), gave TrendzOwl a chance to ponder what may await us in 2021.

October 27, 2020. The coffee was flowing for this webinar hosted by Netherlands-based 5CA, a debate on how to future-proof CX strategy at a time of rapid change and uncertainty.

July 14, 2020. The latest view from the Owl's Nest in northern Virginia features a chat between Stephen and ibex Financial's Jon Lunitz on the Wave Zero podcast.

June 19, 2020. You have to be on your game when the CX Files comes calling. TrendzOwl in northern Virginia chats with Mark Hillary in Brazil about our unfolding reality.

April 6, 2020. Stephen joins the latest international CX analyst discussion around Covid-19.

March 18, 2020. Coronavirus Analyst Insights on the CX Files: "Plan for 18 Months of Disruption"

March 12, 2020. Stephen is among a group of thinkers interviewed on the importance of the home-based agent model in BPO in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic

January 6, 2020. A piece in No Jitter focuses on the growing importance of Managed Mobility Services (MMS) -- a space that will continue to gain prominence as the rise of mobile workers affects the employee experience (EX) and impacts enterprises large and small

December 20, 2019. An end of year discussion on the CX Files, covering everything from tech in Africa and the Digital Pakistan initiative, to cloud computing and enterprise mobility management (EMM)

December 12, 2019. Intelligent Sourcing Magazine features a piece that looks back at a blinkered BPO backlash that materialized in the midst of the Great Recession

November 5, 2019. Stephen is among a group of analysts commenting on eastern Europe and its place on an ever-shifting technology landscape

November 1, 2019. A CX Files podcast interview on the launch of TrendzOwl and Stephen's interest in a world of exponential change

An op-ed for The Irish Times hints at some of the ways in which Stephen blows off steam (and continues a longstanding obsession with James Joyce)

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