Owl Sightings

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March 9, 2021. The Owl swooped into the Transcom podcast to discuss all things digital transformation and the CX.
https://open.spotify.com/episode/472R73dX6gaI8eyJb7emFK?si=lswAHJToRMSbvpJFMsQURg&nd=1 now
December 30, 2020. An Owl was spotted back on the CX Files for a look at the key trends of 2020 and what might unfold in 2021.
December 10, 2020. We're living in a world of digital flux, and the speed of change often means that key knowledge is getting lost during the Great Transition. Read TrendzOwl's piece for AOTMP® Insights magazine.
December 1, 2020. A webinar hosted by ThinScale (a fast-growing tech company located in the Media Cube on the IADT campus in Dublin, Ireland), gave TrendzOwl a chance to ponder what may await us in 2021.
October 27, 2020. The coffee was flowing for this webinar hosted by Netherlands-based 5CA, a debate on how to future-proof CX strategy at a time of rapid change and uncertainty.
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