Owl Sightings

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August 10, 2021. What is behind the recent M&A activity in the BPO space? The Owl landed at Nearshore Americas to point out a number of factors, with technology playing a not unimportant role.
July 16, 2021. This Special Edition of the CX Files focused on the recent violence in South Africa. What does it mean for the GBS sector, the BPO industry, and continued confidence in the country?
May 27, 2021. Stephen joined the Digital Dudes of ibex for a wide-ranging discussion on startups and investments in CX in the healthcare and fintech industries.
March 9, 2021. The Owl swooped into the Transcom podcast to discuss all things digital transformation and the CX.
https://open.spotify.com/episode/472R73dX6gaI8eyJb7emFK?si=lswAHJToRMSbvpJFMsQURg&nd=1 now
December 30, 2020. An Owl was spotted back on the CX Files for a look at the key trends of 2020 and what might unfold in 2021.
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